Unmanned aerial vehicle «Blaskor»
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Our Services

UAV Blaskor performs a wide variety of functions. Our multi copter can be rent (leased). Remotely pilot-controlled aircraft will be provided with a quality HD camera for aerial photography and other necessary equipment, for example thermal imager. You can use the services of our specialist who will execute works on aerial photo and video survey of the necessary object according to your requirements.

UAV development

Depending on the goals and tasks UAV we can modify Blaskor structure, change the flight characteristics of the device to increase its flight range and radio signal receipt ability , program the controller of management of UAV on implementation of certain tasks, install the necessary equipment.

UAV equipment

As an attachment for aerial photo and video survey with UAV Blaskor, you can use a special action Camera GoPro HERO, high-quality DSLR-Camera Canon 5D , 7D and others. For industrial needs we can equip the UAV Blaskor with high precision thermal imager, pyrometer, gas analyzer, Geiger counter, or any other attachments.


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